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'10th annual day'
10th Annual day celebrated on 23rd March......Konnoisseur Montessori School and Day care Centres
Konnoisseur Montessori school and Day are centre reopened today 1st June 2017 Konnoisseur Nursery Job openings at Konnoisseur NurseryTeachers Training Institute and Montessori teachers training institute. Montessori school and Day care centre Spoken English classes NTT MTT
Day care centre with all required facilities...Konnoisseur day care centre. Creche and after school day care centre between the age group of 6months 12 years
Nursery Teachers' Training - Convocation Ceremony-2015/16 was held on 10th September @ Konnoisseur NTT. Marks Card & Certificates were awarded. The Evening was wound up with a mini party.
Recognised by Government of Nct and MHRD Tyagarajnagar, Jayanagar, K.r.road, Banashankari Nursery Teachers Training Montessori 1, Montessori 2, Montessori3 Konnoisseur MontessoriSchool and Day care center Teaching School, Spoken English school, Nursery Teachers Training